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—Rakshithaa V. Jaiganesh


Let our minds betray us – give me

a frame that was once warm to work with.

There is an end hunchbacked over me.

I owe nothing but busy my hands

like a mother. There is a reckoning slumped

like a not-quite-death. I steal metaphor

and wring its neck. Penitence. Like the heart

a poem lives in thunder. Through the

arteries a language erupts.

Here is an inscription, a thing within

a thing, vein-blue to the touch.

Here is a body, ill-fitting and fevered.

Go – tell Ouroboros, our forefather of

paradox: This won’t ease, but it fractals.


RAKSHITHAA V. JAIGANESH (she/her) is a high school senior currently based in the Bay Area. While she hasn't been published yet, she loves to write poetry and keeps a collection of poems on a gigantic google document. When she isn't writing, she's making music, being with family, or reading a good book! :)

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