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Established writer: Erica Goss

Emerging writer: Emma Zhang


Un Día Ordinario | Odysseus — Erica Goss

teenage girl squatting on wooden stool biting mango in old kentucky garage (flash on) undated — Emma Zhang

The kitchen — Stephen Brown

Love — Bella Zhou

Telephone Conversation With My Crush About Scars In The Quiet Night |

Telling Esau’s Inverted Pyramid as Escapee from School Boneyard — Nweke, Benard Okechukwu

I Thought I Could Find Basho — Judi Mae Huck

Yo, Picasso  GTimothy Gordon

Storm Country  Edie Meade

Danish Requiem — Katherine Nelson

I want to tell my online friends I love them — Jacob Jing

sister Patty Paine

Against the Jagged Grain — Stacey Johnson

Mudslide — John Dorroh


What I Found Speeding Downhill on a Rollercoaster — Alyssa Wong

The Buyers in Bentonville — Carl Massad 

All Things Hollow — Rosie Hong

Stocktaking — Neal Mason


if-i-cant-see-it-its-not-there — Mirabelle Feng

Grow — Mirjana M.

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