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Clay pottery with table linens


Mirjana M.

Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 10.05.35 PM.png

Mixed media; digital collage

Artist's Note:


The artwork was inspired by the work of a local Serbian street-artist The Kraljica Vila (often mentioned as 'TKV'), whose graffiti of a vine with outstretching leaves in the underpass in the city center would be a cherished sight for me in my highschool years, the word 'grow' giving me inspiration through what for everyone I feel like are troubled and often dark times, and the vibrant green colour surrounded by the greyness of crumbling walls is something that now, some odd 17 years later, still lives on in my heart. The graffiti was, much to my sadness, painted over, and my artwork is me remembering it, and re-creating it through my eyes, because I believe in its message.


MIRJANA M. are a digital artist and writer from Belgrade, Serbia. Their work explores the juxtaposition of elements through mixed media of photography, collage, textures and light and journeys through concepts of duality and has appeared in “Gulf Stream Literary”, “The Good Life Review”, “waxing & waning”, Vocivia, Broken Antler, Spellbinder, New Limestone Review magazines and other places. They published three poetry collections. For more work:, Twitter (@selena_oloriel) and Instagram (cyanide_cherries)

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