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Submission Guidelines

Thank you so much for considering Eucalyptus Lit as a home for your words!

We're open year-round, and accept submissions of poetry, prose, hybrid and/or experimental genres, and artwork. 


Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please indicate this in your email, as well as let us know immediately if your work is accepted somewhere else. We reserve First North American Rights, and all rights revert to the author upon publication, although we ask that you credit Eucalyptus Lit as the first publisher of your work. We will nominate for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

Send all work to Include the word "SUBMISSION" in your email title, a cover letter, and a personal bio with less than 75 words.

  • For poetry, please send up to five poems single-spaced, in a pdf or word document, starting each poem on a new page.

  • For prose, send up to three pieces double-spaced, with a total word count of less than 5,000 words.

  • For hybrid/experimental genres, please limit video/audio to under three minutes, and number of pictures to five or under.

  • For artwork, please send up to five high quality JPEG or PNG files.


We will get back to you in under two to four weeks and provide feedback upon request. However, our editors are all busy students juggling schoolwork and our own artistic careers—if we have not made a decision after four weeks have passed, do query and let us know! 

For $5, we offer expedited feedback or consideration of additional work, and $10 for both. If you would like to request a 1 day response time and/or submit up to an additional three pieces, please make a payment through this link:, and include the words "EXPEDITED," "ADDITIONAL PIECES", or "EXPEDITED + ADDITIONAL PIECES" in your email title.

All proceeds will go toward operational costs and charity donation. 

Unfortunately, Eucalyptus Lit is currently not a paying market. However, we'll shout out all our contributors on our social media, as well as try to promote their work any way we can.

Please note that we have zero tolerance for hateful or discriminatory language. Submissions that have been deemed to contain such views will be rejected without further consideration, and we reserve the right to ban future submissions. 

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