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a' cumail òran

—Eartha Davis

a' cumail òran

How hands

pour endlessly


holding. A dripping

eyelid. Pulse

passing through

a rescue

boat. Water. The trees  

embracing themselves, then  

you. Welling

gratitude. Us. Each

other. Bodies

carving silent acres

across a

field. Heart’s

fretwork. Heart’s

fretting. The blankets  

on our shoulders

when we remembered to  

flower. Wool, a tufted  

missing. I pillow

when your light



EARTHA DAVIS is a 19 year-old who placed second in the 2022 Global Woorilla Poetry Prize Youth Section & has been nominated for Best of the Net, with work published or forthcoming in Wildness, RABBIT, Frozen Sea, Minarets, South Florida Poetry Journal, JMWW, LEON Literary Review, Arboreal Magazine, ELJ Editions, the Basilisk Tree, the Stirling Review, Where the Meadows Reside, Discretionary Love, Sour Cherry Magazine, Revolute, & Eunoia Review, among others. She honours her Ngāpuhi ancestors and the Wiradjuri people, on whose land she lives, breathes, and writes.

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