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—Fern Biswas


Oh, the blessings of buffets and balls.

First steps down Carnegie hall,

First runs across dewy fields of wildflowers

First hugs with an audience cheering for your every move

Dancing in circles and reaching,

arms out to catch you if you fall

First glances and lingers of curiosity

As your luxurious hair,

your graceful face,

your perfect skin

Provokes awe from every soul around you

But your hand is taken and your face covered

By the careful, giant guardian beside you

Guiding you to follow the breadcrumbs of home

Glasses clinking above the long, intimidating table

Covered with drapes of silky green

And little ruffles adorning the edges

The head of the table marked by the scent of roses and

Gifted with honor

As you take your sit, a crown on your head

Sharp to the edges and overwhelmingly


Out for groceries in the town

Stepping on soft, pink petals

To grass

To stones which pierce at

Cut every inch of your feet

Till royal blood slowly drips out onto the rough ground

Biting your tongue in pain but

Pulling a soft, white handkerchief out your pocket

And dabbing away the stains

Your last stroll

And hidden eyes in the distance.


FERN BISWAS is a 16 year old currently at the Harker School. They aspire to pursue literature and law in university, hopefully eventually delving into human rights law. And for many years, they have had a deep passion for writing. They are soon to publish their first book, a short compilation of short stories.

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