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Pavement Magnolias

—Olivia Burgess

Pavement Magnolias

Nothing is ever easy here, except, maybe sometimes,

it is. I am in the kitchen, the garden, the bedroom, the sink,

appearing everywhere then faltering, like a bird call. Long afternoons

stretch out on rugs. Wood is laid on a small hearth,

icing sugar sweeps the floor with fondant tendrils. It is impossible

to believe that everything here,

everything in sight,

was made for this moment. Men are power washing cars,

teenagers trace lines of their former selves in playgrounds.

Laughter is ripe for picking. Flowers grow oblivious

to the noise that they won’t be green forever. Likewise,

this time is precious. This micro meaning, this blue sky. I am shown

a magnolia tree, rosy-cheeked leaves blushing as they curl over

to perfume the gravel. The smell is its own music,

much like a friendly wind chime. I don’t arrive at these sounds

easily; sometimes, I completely give way. There’s always an overheard

conversation, always the elusive bass boom of car speakers. Not a bad thing.

These secrets have always been sleeping, just

so I can go on, take my time,

& then & then & then


OLIVIA BURGESS is a 17 year old word chef raised and residing near London, UK. When she's  not composing poetry, usually based on nature, her internal monologues,  or her muse, she's having a frolic or staring for extended periods of  time at the moon. She has been published in over 20 micro press avenues,  and she hopes you take care of yourself today.

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